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Our piroshki are hand-made in the shoppe and are made fresh daily.
We can deliver them fresh, or pre- wrapped for baking


Item Description Price
BeefGround beef made from roasted beef brisket.$2.75/each
Ham & Cheeseseveral thin slices of apple-wood smoked ham, and tilamook cheddar cheese$3.75/each
Cheese & Sausageuncured no-nitrate beef frank wrapped in a layer of cheddar, and dressed in a blanket of puff-pastry$2.75/each
Beef BrisketHouse-made ground beef brisket, with hard-boiled egg$2.75/each
Spinach & Fetafresh spinach, with crumpled feta and ricotta cheese$2.50/each
Quark & Herb Cheesea ricotta style cheese made with buttermilk, and fresh dill$2.50/each


Item Description Price
Strawberry Coconut Cakethree layers of delicious fluffy white cake, with a layer of fresh strawberries in the center. delicate custard-like cream with shaved coconut$2.75/slice
King’s CakeThree different layers of walnut, poppy seed, and white raisin, with a caramelized condensed milk frosting, and drizzled with chocolate ganache***
Lemony Snicket CakeThree layers of white cake with fresh lemon curd filling, and buttercream frosting.***
Banana TorteBanana cake with chocolate sour cream ganache$3.75/slice
Prague Cakea cake so good, it can't decide if it's from slovakia or the czech republic. three layer of chocolate cake, with a cacao butter frosting and layers of slivered walnuts$3.75/slice
Valley CakeThree layers of white cake with a sour-cream frosting, covered in chocolate ganache$3.75/slice
Tiramisua light, yet rich italian treat made with amaretto on a delicious lady-finger base$3.75/each
Coffee CakeClassic coffee cake with streusel&oats on top, and walnuts baked in.$1.80/slice
NapoleonPuff-pastry layered with custard and fresh fruit.$3.75


Item Description Price
BaklavaMade with pastry dough instead of phyllo dough, we offer an Armenian take on baklava$3.75/each
Cream PuffA large classic cream puff, filled with custard, and dipped in chocolate ganache$2.25
RouladeSponge cake with decadent cream cheese frosting, and dried prunes in roulade form, garnished with toasted almonds$2.75/slice
TiramisuA rich italian treat made with Bel-Gioso Mascarpone and amaretto-soaked lady fingers imported from italy.$3.50/each
MutakiHand-formed buttery pastry dough with a cranberry-raisin marmalade filling$1.75/each
Coffee CakeClassic coffee cake - Seasonal.$1.80/slice
Banana BreadFresh bananas baked in, with walnuts$1.80
NapoleonPuff-pastry layered with custard and fresh fruit.$3.95


Item Description Price
Caramel Bars Cookie base, thick layer of gooey caramel, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache $1.95/each
Raspberry Cheesecake BarsCreamy cheesecake with a raspberry swirl topping.$1.95/each
Peanut Butter BarGraham cracker cookie rust, with thick peanut butter center, topped with layer of chocolate ganache$1.50
Chocolate ChipA classic done right. $0.50/each
Thumbprint CookieShortbread cookie with a dollop of raspberry preserves in the center. Simple, but addicting..2/$1.25
Crackle CookieA chocolate brownie cookie with ‘crackles’ of powdered sugar on top $0.50/each
Lemon Bara delicious, fresh lemon bar on a buttery base with fresh lemon zest$1.50/each
Pecan BarsTraditional pecan-pie bar $2.25
Blueberry Cheesecake BarStreusel crumble base, cheesecake, with fresh blueberries baked in.$1.95
Lou-Bee-Mea layer of fruit preserves separates crumbs made from our house-made ghee, makes for a square of chewy goodness with a crunchy top. we call it vivi's favorite$1.75/each
Cranberry SconeChocolate chip & 'Craisin' scone with honey-butter and crystal sugar sprinkled on top$1.75


Item Description Price
Hickory-Smoked Chicken Thick-cut chicken, sautéed vegetables, provolone cheese, house-made lemon-mint aioli. Wrapped in lavash bread, and pan fried on house-made ghee. $6.75
B.L.T. wrapThe classic bacon, lettuce and tomato combo on lavash bread with house-made aioli, pan-fried on ghee butter.$5.95
Tarragon ChickenChicken salad with tarragon and dill, toasted almonds, celery, sumac, sliced avocado, and romaine on lavash bread. $6.75
Pulled PorkSlow cooked pork with house rub. Wrapped in lavash bread with sautéed bell peppers and onion, with provolone cheese and lemon-mint aioli. Pan fried on ghee. $6.75
The Toga Wrap Greek salad made with fresh red onion, black olives, feta cheese, cucumbers, house- made quark cheese and sumac wrapped in lavash bread. $5.95


Item Description Price
Cumin & Tarragon QuinoaQuinoa salad made with M Bakery Eggplant Spread and olive oil. Cooked with fresh tarragon and mint leaves, freckled with sumac$2.75
Tarragon Chicken SaladChicken salad made with fresh tarragon, toasted almonds and celery, garnished with fresh dill.$3.50
Sautéed VegetablesRed, yellow and green bell-peppers and sweet onion, sautéed in extra-virgin olive oil. Perfect addition to pasta or stir-fry . $3.25
Kidney-Bean Salad Red kidney beans, sautéed onion, garlic and prunes..$3.25
Eggplant Spread Roasted eggplant, garlic, mayo. $3.25

* All of the cakes listed above are available for special order read more